The Open Door

The Open door gives you access to another dimension. I see some of you standing staring at our close doors but I hear the Lord say, I have given you access to a new dimension. I have set before you an open door that no one can close. (Rev 3:8). I hear the Lord say, that a re-organization is taking place. The old way of doing things is not effective anymore.

Open up your mind and heart to this next move of the Lord. Don’t worry about the job you didn’t get or the house, the car or the prayer that was not answered. In this next season it’s all about coming closer to the Lord. The things that you are seeking is in Him, He holds the keys to your destiny and as you draw close to Him you will see your open doors. The open door is Jesus Christ by Him we have access to the Father. Jesus is THE OPEN DOOR. He gives you access to all your hearts desire. If you will seek His will, your doors of opportunity, promotion and elevation will open up.

For some of you I see some massive doors opening up this week. You have been praying for a long time but this week the breakthrough has arrived. Your set time of favor has come. Walk boldly through your open door.

Conquer every giant that dares to stand before you. You have access to divine power and divine favor. Walk in the light of His love. Do not be discouraged by what you see, hear or feel because it is all temporal and subjected to change. In this new dimension weights are dropping off, the things that used to bind you will bind you no more. With this newly opened door you have been given a new dimension of freedom that you have never experienced before. It is a weightless dimension. A dimension where weights are not permitted to enter. You are free to be you and to learn and grow. Walk through your open door with confidence knowing that God has not only open the door but has gone before you in your new dimension to make crooked paths straight and to light your path. Enter in and be of good courage.

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