I Will Reorganize

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I will reorganize says the Lord. I am dismantling everything that man has set up in my place. There is a place reserved for me in the human heart but they have desecrated it with drugs, sex, violence and the likes. I have no choice but to reorganize and move some things and people out of the way of righteousness. There is about to be another rude awakening in America!! I will send plagues to awaken my people and destroy those who refuses to repent and turn away from wickedness.

I am reorganizing because I am a God of order. If you think of the cosmos and how they were created in orderly fashion they stay in their place and do the things they were created to do. Not one of them is perverted in their ways yet my beloved people in whom I have put my Spirit has despised and rejected me. They hate good and love evil. They reject holiness and embrace uncleanness. They trust in my creation more than they trust in me as their creator. They have held up many idols in my place and give way to witchcraft and Devil worshipping.

I must correct their course, yes I must reorganize. I will uproot the weeds of evil and I will plant seeds of righteousness, seeds of holiness.

In my reorganizing some people will be transplanted in other nations for their safety. The door has been closed to many of my transplants, but in my sovereignty I fling wide open the doors of America. The people entrusted with the gospel has defiled it, therefore I have removed it from their hands and given it to another. I am raising up foreign ministers to do my bidding. They will come in all colors and from all different parts of the earth.

Donald Trump is like King Nebuchadnezzar, he is not chosen for his righteousness he is chosen because he has the ability to execute the punishment I have determined for America and do not be concerned with him for I will discipline him also just like I did with King Nebuchadnezzar.

I will reorganize this nation. I will change its leaders to suit my purpose. I will humble all those who lifted up themselves in pride not knowing that I was the one who chose them to be in positions of authority.

I will cause them to bow down and acknowledge that their is a greater power, an absolute power, a power far greater than anything they know as power. I will cause them to once again revere my name. I am the Lord. Have I not spoken and will I not perform it?

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