Changing of the Guards

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The Lord is changing the guards, 2020 is the year of changing the guards.

When the Lord told me that he was changing the guards I had no idea what He meant but as 2020 unfolds I can see that everything is changing. Nothing will ever be the same again.

When the Lord was ready to lead the children of Israel out of the wilderness into the promise land many things changed and most importantly He changed the guards.

“After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, it came to pass that the LORD spoke to Joshua the son of Nun, Moses’ assistant, saying: “Moses My servant is dead. Now therefore, arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them—the children of Israel.”
‭‭Joshua‬ ‭1:1-2‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Moses was the chosen guard for forty years. He did a marvelous job leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness. There is none like Moses. Moses stood before God face to face. He respects and love God more than his own life. No, he was not perfect but He was God’s chosen so why was God changing this amazing guard?

Moses was many things but he was not a fighter, Moses was a priest, a prophet but he was not a man of war. He was not one of the fighting men of Israel. You see when the dimension changes the guards change. God is getting ready to takes us into a new dimension of Glory therefore He is changing the guards. It was never meant for any one guard to do it all. Life is like a relay race, every runner must pass the baton to the next generation. Moses’s part of the race was complete and now it was time to pass the baton.

Some say it was Moses’s sin that kept him from entering the promise land but I think otherwise. I know Moses struck the rock when he should have spoke to it, I know that the older generation sinned and God told them they would all die in the wilderness but what if God was simply changing the guards. What if all of this was part of God’s changing the guard ceremony? Sometimes we forget that We are clay in the Potters hands. The Potter already determined the kind of vessel He is creating and for what purpose and for how long He was going to use the vessel. I don’t believe that there are coincidences in Gods plan, God knew Moses was going to struck that rock. We can say it was because of their sins why Moses and the older generation didn’t get to go to the promise land but remember this is the same Moses that interceded for the people many times when they sinned against God and God listen to him. This same Moses asked God to show him His glory and God did. Moses was just a prayer away from stepping foot into the promise land but God was changing the guards.

God needed a man of battle, God needed a man of war, He needed someone who will say I see the giants, I see my limitations but I see our God!! Our God is much bigger than any giant!! He is unstoppable!! He is unmovable!! God needed someone who is crazy enough to fight from sun up to sun down and then tell the sun to “stand still” cause he is not going to give up or stop fighting until the job is done!! God needed a Joshua so He changed the guard!! There are gifts and calling in each one of us but there are set times to used them.

The guards are always changing so there is no surprise there but what may surprise you is why they change. First, the Guards are changed simply because it’s time for them to change. I am reminded of the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, there are designated times to change the guards. A whole guard ceremony takes place at a preschedule time, the guards are changed and the keys to the Palace is handed over to the new guards. As humans we know that it’s not possible to be the only guard or to be on guard all the time. Our bodies need rest and we can be no good to anyone when we have been on guard twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. When the attack comes we will have no strength to fight it off, this is why the guards must be changed.

Secondly the guards are changed because of illnesses. The Queen’s guards are trained to faint at attention meaning the moment that they feel faint they must go into a predetermined fainting position. While they are being attended by Medics and tested for any substance abuse another guard will take their place. God knows that we are humans and our bodies are limited in what it can do and how much it can take. He does not put more on us than we can bare (1Cor 10:13). He knows we are going to grow weary and that we are going to faint but He already made preparations for us to faint well. When you get to that place your help that was waiting in the shadows will come seemly out of nowhere. The good thing about God is that He knows exactly where your breaking point is and He often removes you before you faint. He often changes the guards long before you faint so that you are preserved.

Joshua was Moses’s assistant since the Exodus and all through the wilderness years. He was with Moses when the Lord gave Moses the Ten Commandments, he fought and defeated the Amalekites, He spied out the land and brought back a good report, he stood by Moses when Israel rebelled. Joshua was waiting in the wings. He was well prepared and ready to receive the baton, ready to relieve Moses of guard duties. This is the beautiful thing about living in the will of the Lord is that we don’t work for the Lord we work with Him. As we work with Him He is working in us perfecting us! Oh I just love that beautiful dynamic of working with the Lord. He knows you inside and out and knows exactly when to change your guards. You see while you are working with Him, He is working on your replacement all while working in you and through you. Moses was ready for the guard to change and Joshua was ready to assume his position as the new leader of Israel. It was the perfect timing.

Our modern day example is the world renown Reinhard Bonnke who spent his life working as an evangelistic Africa and built a mega ministry out of nothing. When it was time to past the torch his assistant Daniel Kolenda was ready to take his place. I love the fact that Evangelist Bonnke didn’t see Kolenda as a competition but as his team mate who is able to take baton and run the last leg of the race. You see Bonnke understood that the race must continue, he understood that he did his part and now it is up to the next generation to do their part. He understood that the guards must be changed. He understood that he could not leave his life’s work unguarded, he must appoint a successor.

Another reason the guards are changed is if they neglect their duties. In 1Samuel 4: 12-18 we see an abrupt changing of the guards, when the priest Eli fell over dead and Samuel took his place. Eli didn’t do what was right in the eyes of the Lord, he failed to correct his evil sons and failed to keep the lamp burning in the temple of the Lord. Samuel took his place, it is important to note that Eli was a Priest and Samuel was a Prophet so the guard changed from priest to prophet and later we will see the guard changed from Prophet to King when Saul became the first king of Israel. You cannot neglect your duties as leaders in the work of the Lord and expect to stay in your positions, no one gets to keep their job without doing what is required of them.

Sometimes the will of the people can cause the guard to change. After Samuel grew older the people wanted a King and the Lord told them he would give them a wicked king who would rule over them because they rejected Him as King. (1 Samuel 8). Now we see the guards changed from Prophet to King. The amazing thing is that the Lord told the people that this king was not going to be good but they chose him anyway. In keeping with our illustration of the queens guards, I don’t know for certain but I believe that if the queen was told that the incoming guard was going to be evil she would refuse to accept him. We are no different than the children of Israel, today still we choose hard hearted leaders and allow them to put yokes around our necks. We choose to look past the evil that wicked leaders do but God sees their hearts and will only permit them to rule for a season. God permits wicked leaders often because of our sins, in the hopes that we would repent and turn to Him so that He can change the guard.

Another reason the guards are changed is if there is corruption or conspiracies. Once corruption or conspiracies are determined, swift changes are made. The queens guards undergo a tremendous lifetime background check and in some cases groomed since childhood so they are not just chosen randomly but a person’s heart can be tempted and bad things can happen. The queens guards must be able to live up to some pretty strict standards and when broken there are severe consequences. As people of God chosen for the service of the Lord we are required to live by some pretty strict standards of holiness as well. We also will be replaced as guards when we break the standards. This reminds me of king Saul and David. Saul was chosen by God to be the first king of Israel but had become corrupted so God had to do a guard change again. Once God has determined that there is iniquity in the heart of a person that He has set in place of leadership change is coming!! You can hang on like Saul and prolong the change as much as possible but nevertheless it’s coming and nothing is going to stop this change, it’s coming.

I see the Lord changing the guards of Church, He is changing the guards of our nation. He changing the guards of our families. One of the ways we see this happening, we see the Supreme Court Justices are changing, Congress personnel are changing, all governmental positions are changing, currently there are many positions that are unfilled in Government and God is going to use some of the least likely people to fill them.

This is the same with the church, God is going to raise up new leaders in the church and be prepared for a civil war in the body because the spirit of Saul is loose those who are in position is going to attack the ones that are coming in to take their place’s. Don’t be taken by surprise or fall for the enemies plan. Do what David did follow the Lord.

Not all transitions will be accompanied by frictions, some will be like Moses and Joshua because there are Moses’s in the positions that are ready for a shift change, they see with the perspective of the Lord and knows that the next generation must be built up and prepared for what is ahead.

There are also Eli’s in positions waiting for Samuel’s to grow into there positions, they are weary and worn out and not able to attend to their priestly duties as before but their replacement is not yet ready. They are desperately waiting to be relieved, waiting for the shift change.

So while the guards are changing look inside yourself and see if you are an out going guard or an incoming guard. Prepare yourself whatever position you may be in. If you are out going start training your replacement because the race does not end with you. If you are incoming start preparing because your team cannot win if you fail to take the baton.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is going to die and it will signal my final changing of the guards for the supreme courts. Many more guards must be changed but not yet keep your eyes on the justices because many change will come through them. The guards are changing because the old ones have allowed the enemy in through bribes and greed. These new guards are selfless and will not accept bribes but will only take pleasure in doing my will. I am not only changing in the guards at the federal levels but at the state levels as well. I am shifting and re-organizing this nation. I am preparing my bride for her groom. Many things that used to make sense will no longer makes sense there is a spirit of confusion loose against humanity but those who are in me will see and understand with clarity yes they will continue to see in part and prophesied in part but together they will see a complete picture.

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