The Roar of the Lord

The Lord is roaring through America right now!! He is roaring because He wants you to repent from your sins!! He want you to stop and turn around!! He wants you to stop perverting Justice! Stop calling wrong right and right wrong!!! Stop hating people because of the color of their skin!! Stop cheating people out of their wages!! Stop oppressing the poor and needy!! Stop oppressing the weak! Stop putting other gods before Him!

Stop or greater judgment will come!! A greater disaster will come upon us!! We will be more severely shaken!! We cannot pray it away the only way for it to stop is to come back to God in repentance!! We will not go back to business as usual but greater disaster lies ahead if we do not repent.

Oh God help us all!! Have mercy on us and save us!! Yes more judgment is coming. Some of you will mock and scorn but nevertheless Judgment is coming.

Do you not know that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people. “America you have become a reproach to Me because of the detestable things you do and think that I do not see them,” Says the Lord!! It is not my desire to destroy you it’s my intention to heal you as a nation but you will not let me.

You removed me from your place of government, businesses, schools and even your homes, therefore I am about to remove My hedge of protection that I have set around you. You reject my ordinances and have become your own gods. You are on the slippery slope of becoming a Godless nation, yet if you return to me with all your heart I will rescue you.

You do not control your destiny I created you, formed you, mold you and shaped into what you are today but you have turned into a prideful ungrateful people because of the deceitfulness of trusting in the wealth that I gave you. You have caused what I gave you to replace the one who gave it to you.

You go to Church every Sunday but you have no engagement with me. You engaged with each other more than you engage with me. Do you not know that I am a jealous God and I will not give my glory to another? You put ashes on your forehead all while cussing and blaspheming against me as if the ashes can take your sins away. Your penitence is superficial and self serving, in your heart there is no Godly sorrow for your sins. Yet if you come back to me I will forgive you.

You invoke other gods in a country that was created by Me and for Me. The pilgrims didn’t sought religious freedom to worship any other Gods but Me. Yet you have embrace foreign religions and cast me aside the one who holds the breathe of your life. Allah can’t save you, Budha can’t save you Krishna can’t save? Black magic or white magic can’t save you? I am the same God who freed the people of Israel from their bondage in Egypt to worship me but they run after other gods just like you are doing now. The name of ALLAH is being lifted up more than my name in a country that Allah did not build and his followers seek to destroy. How can this be? Do you not know who you are and who your God is? Have you lost your identity in your pursuit of the fastest car and biggest houses? Do you not know that all that you gain in this life is only rubble? Nothing in this life can be compare to the glorious riches of living in eternity with me. You are a royal priesthood America!! You are a holy nation!! You are a peculiar people!! You are called forth to show my excellence in the earth!! Come back America come back!! Your identity is in me alone! Why have you forsaken me??

Will I not do to you as I have done to Israel? I will send my people to warn you but just like Israel you are a stiffnecked people and judgment will come because only then will you see the error of your ways.

I am the Lord your God!! If I say Judgment is coming it’s coming from the White House to the poor house!! Judgment has been declared upon America!!

There is an enemy rising and is gaining great power against you. You will barely be able to recover from this plague before you will be cast into military conflict.
Judgment is coming and major cities will be destroyed more lives will be lost. 911 was an emergency call but you ignore it!! COVID is a wake up call but you are ignoring it as well!! CA fires was a warning but you ignored it as well!! The Earthquakes and floods were also wake up calls but you ignored them as well!! The deep wailing and bloodshed in the streets are a wake up call but you ignore them as well!!! What else can I do to get your attention but to bring the thing you fears the upon you? War!! War!! War!! Your feeble weapons will not save you. Don’t you know your enemies are already within your gates?? Oh how I want to save you from your enemies!! I long to gather you under my wings and cover you but you will not let me.

I see every bent knee every farrowed brow and every clasped hands but they do not see me. They don’t look for me they look for what I can give them, protection and provisions. They have rejected me even on theirs knees. Yet if they return to me I will embrace them.

If you have an ear to hear listen to what the Spirit has to say? Judgment is coming! War is coming to the shores of America! Repent!! It’s closer than you think!! Repent!!! Repent!!! This is not a scare tactic!! It’s the word of the Lord to America!!

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