The Sound of Pentecost

There is a sound going out in the spirit over the restless waves of the cries of humanity. It’s the sound of the Holy Spirit groaning for humanity. When the Holy Spirit groans the world pause to listen, this is no ordinary groaning this is the cry of God’s heart.
Some will hear the sound and understand accept it while others will hear it and reject it and there are those who will hear the sound and be confused by it. Those who hear and accept it will quickly come into agreement with the Holy Spirit.

Those who hear the sound but is confused by it will need help to understand it in order to accept it.
So although you may hear and understand the groaning of the Spirit it’s not enough, you may need to pause and take a moment to explain it to those around you. The disciples had to explain what was happening on the day of Pentecost because many heard it but had no clue what it was.

In Acts chapter 2 when the disciples first heard the sound of a Mighty Rushing Wind, they did not understand what they were hearing but they were expecting something to happen? The Lord told them to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Sprit to come. They had no idea how He would make His entrance so when they heard the sound they wondered, could this be what we are waiting for? They didn’t have to wait long because tongues of fire appeared upon their heads and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to speak in other languages.

They heard, they saw and they spoke. They heard the sound of a mighty rushing wind that filled the room. I wonder how amazed they were to hear the sound? I wonder if they were able to really be still and know? They knew that something miraculous was taking place. They knew that this was no ordinary sound and they knew not to be frightened. Many kinds of emotions are triggered with just a sound, depending on the sound, one could experience fear, joy, excitement, pain or sorrow. The Sound of a very loud wind can be terrifying especially if it occurs unexpectedly. I believe they were listening for something, they were listening for the promise of the Holy Spirit although they didn’t know what He would sound like they recognize Him. It may not be a mighty rushing wind but there is a sound of the Holy Spirit among believers today. What are you hearing in the spirit? Are you listening for the sound of the Spirit? Do you recognize the sound He is making today? Not only did the disciples hear but they saw.

They saw tongues of fire sitting on their heads. They saw the manifestation of what they heard. Sometimes sound precedes sight! What you hear will cause you to see something you would never see if you didn’t hear it first. It must have been a magnificent and glorious sight to see fire sitting on a person head without being burned. Some say swing is believing but think Sometimes you have to believe it to see it. They saw what they believed, hoped and waited for. What are believing for? What are you hoping for? What will you see in these last days? How will you react to what they see? Do you know that you can see your own Pentecost?

There is still a sound going out in the Spirit right now, all of creation is groaning as in birth pains for the manifestation of the sons of God. (Romans 8: 22). This groaning is preceding what we are all waiting to see. We are all waiting to see manifestation of the day when our bodies are free from sin and suffering, we are groaning for the manifestation of the day when we will be given the full rights to become sons of God, with a new body like Jesus’s resurrected body, free from the death and decay. We are waiting in great anticipation to see what The Lord promise to those who are in him. We heard about it but we are yet to see it, so we are eagerly waiting and groaning as in Child birth to see it. (Romans 8:23-25) We want to see what we have heard about for so long we want to see Jesus in all his glory. We want to become the sons and daughters of God.

Not only are we groaning but the Holy Spirit is making intercession for us with groaning that cannot expressed in words.(Roman 8: 26) There is still a sound of the Holy Spirit rolling over the sound waves of our own groaning. Can you hear? You must hear it to see it. Not only did the Apostles heard the sound and saw tongues of fire, they spoke about it.

They spoke in other languages as the Spirit my gave them the ability. (Acts 2:4). So what exactly did they speak about in their new languages? “They spoke about the wonderful works of the Lord” (Acts 2:11). They preached the gospel in languages that they had no earthly capability to speak.

They told of the good old story of Jesus and His glory. Oh they told the story of the savior who was crucified on Calvary’s cruel cross, they told of how that same Jesus that was crucified was really the Messiah, the Christ, the anointed one!! They told of how He resurrected on the third day and how death could not hold him. They told them in their own language of the wonderful love of Jesus who was willing to die so that they could have eternal life. They told that there is no greater love than this that a man laid down His life for His friends! They told them that nails didn’t keep Him hanging on the cross but His love for them did! They became His witnesses of what was and for what is to come. They became witnesses of the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end because the Holy Spirit bore witness in them. Oh what a glorious day the first day of Pentecost was!

How about you? Have you heard? Have you seen? Have you spoke about what you saw? Are you bearing witness of the hope of glory in you? Have you told how He saved you, healed you, and filled you with His Spirit? Are you groaning with creation for the manifestation of the son or daughter of God to be manifested in you? Are you groaning in your spirit with the Spirt? Can you hear him groaning? Do you know why He is groaning?

Languages open up to them that they could not previously speak so that those who did not hear the gospel could hear and understood it in their own language. Today we depend on translators to translate sermons into foreign languages so people can hear the gospel in their own languages. How glorious it would be if we could experience what the apostles experience every time we preach the real gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s not impossible, it can and will happen again.

He is groaning for all of creation to be on one accord as the disciples were on the day of Pentecost. He is groaning for the Spirit and the Bride to say come. Some of us will hear the sound and respond to it while others will hear it and ignore or reject it. Some of us will allow the cares of the world to drown out the sound of the Spirit but I implore you today do not harden your heart.

Listen for the Spirit’s call! When you hear it answer it! Follow His directions for your life!! Allow him to abide in you, He is only grieved when you do not answer the call to live by Spirit. Listen for the Sound of the Spirit!! Listen closely, He is calling out to you today. He is groaning for your soul. There is still a sound in Spirit!

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