Who Am I?

Know your position

I see a severe divide in the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit is grieved. We do not know who we are in Christ so we bite and devour one another all in the name of God.

This is not a new thing because the Israelites did the same thing way back in the wilderness and grieved God then and it’s grieving him now.

Remember in Numbers 16 when the sons of Korah rebelled against Moses. The earth opened up and swallowed them and all their families alive and fire came out from the Lord and burned up their followers because it was not Moses that they reject but the God in Moses.

The sons of Korah was appointed as tabernacle workers but they coveted the priesthood. They didn’t know who they were called to be so they tried to take on roles that was no given to them. Likewise the church of today does not understand who they are and what their roles are.

Have you ever bought a product that needs assembling and it comes with instructions that you tossed aside and try to assemble it based on the way you think it should work? Yes we all have and hours later we all have to go back to the instruction manual to find out why the thing is not working the way it’s supposed to. Maybe you even followed the instructions but it’s not working probably because you missed a step or insert the wrong screw etc.

It’s was like that for the church when we do not understand that there are diversity of gifts within the body, when we do not understand that we are many members of one body. We must understand where we fit in the body. We are not all called to do the same thing so we must understand our function and operate in it according to the calling of our Lord and savior.

If you are called to preach, then preach your heart out!! If you are called to teach, teach with all your might. If you are called to prophesy, then declare what the Lord is saying to his people. If you are called to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper then do it with the power and authority of the living God. If you are called to evangelize then evangelize in the authority that God has given you to do so.

We are not all called to do the same thing and therefore not given the same gifts. We must respect the gift of God in each other because it was not put their by man but by God. No matter how much you hate or rebel against what God has placed in your brother you cannot remove God’s Grace off his life.

God was not playing with the sons of Korah when they rebelled and He is not playing now. The sons of Korah provoked the wrath of God and brought death and destruction to their loved ones.

It’s time to repent from jealousy and covetousness, it is an evil spirit, it is the same spirit that caused Adam to sin. Just like the sons of Korah you have been given authority to work for the Lord but know what the Lord has called you to do and do it without speaking against each other.

After the Israelites saw what happened to the sons of Korah the very next day, they rebelled against Moses and the Lord sent a plague among them that killed thousands of them. Listen the Lord hates rebellion and has zero tolerance for it.

I find it intriguing that the same people they rebelled against had to make intercession for them so that the plague would stop. Moses told Aaron to quickly burned incense on the altar to stop the plague.

We need to stop the comparison and striving among us, we are one body. You never see your head trying to be you feet or your toes trying to be your eyes. They do what they are created to do.

The Holy Spirit came on the believers in the upper room because they were on one accord. If we want to see revival we need to get on one accord because God is getting ready to do a mighty work in His church and He will remove rebellion so that we can be on one accord.

This is not the time for division in the body of Christ, remember a house divided by itself will fall and know this for certain the church will not fall so it stand to reason that all rebellion will be destroyed to ensure unity in the body.

Beware that you do not fall into this trap of the Devil. God loves you but He hates discord.

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