The Courage To Crossover

Courage to crossover

One of my favorite movie is Wonder Woman, as a kid I never paid much attention to super heroes because my childhood was consumed with being my own super hero. Life came at me hard and fast and I had no time for a superhero to swoop in and save the day. I had to be my own super hero and save the day, I had to fight battles a child should never have to fight. A friend of mine invited me to the movies to watch Wonder Woman and I thought I was going to watch an animated movie, didn’t give much thought. That movie impacted me like I never expected it would, my favorite scene is when she crossed over no mans land. They told her she couldn’t do it, they told her, it has never been done before, that was enemy occupied territory, they told her that’s not what they came here to do. What “they” didn’t know was she was “built for this battle and created for this conflict” (Pastor Rod Parsley). Diana, Wonder Woman, knew what was on the inside of her and she knew she was well able to cross no man’s land and possess it like a boss. Isn’t it ironic it was called no mans land because no man was able to cross it but a woman was able to cross it? Yes, I know it just a movie but I believe that God can use anything to speak to his children.

It takes great courage to leave the “safe zone” and crossover the “no mans land” of giants of fear, failure, rejection, sickness and disease, financial lack, depression, self pity, loss, drug addiction, sexual abuse. Some of you are fighting battles that have prevented you from crossing over and possessing the promises of God. You are feeling stuck, frustrated, weary, sick and depressed. You have lost hope, you lost your sense of purpose. You are just about ready to sit down and accept your inability to crossover the no mans land of sickness and defeat , you feel like you will never crossed over and possess what God says you can have, you feel like it’s no use fighting anymore, Why bother praying, why fasting, why worship? Nothing is happening. You have just about given up on God.

The Lord says to tell you that you are stuck for three main reason; your own personal fears, timing and your understanding of his promises. Jacob found himself in this same predicament when he returned from Laban’s house. Jacob ran away from home because he had tricked his brother Esau and robbed him of his birthright and Esau vowed to kill him but Jacob’s father sent him away to the homeland of his mother to finds his future wife. While running away from his brother Esau, Jacob encountered the Lord at Bethel, where he saw angels ascending and descending and the Lord made him a promise that he would be with him and bring him back to his fathers house and give him the very land he was lying on. His uncle Laban tricked him and gave him the wrong daughter in marriage. He changed Jacob’s wages several times but God kept blessing Jacob. After twenty years had passed the Jacob decided that enough was enough and he was going to take his wives and possession and leave. So Jacob ended up at a place call Peniel, He was getting ready to crossed over the Jabbok river and face his brother Esau but fear almost consumed him. He wrestled all night long with an Angel of God and refuse to let him go until He blessed him. The Lord blessed him and changed his name to Israel and Jacob received the courage to crossover and face his brother Esau.

What was it that Jacob was afraid of? Didn’t God give him a promise at Bethel? Didn’t he understand that it was time to possess the promise? Didn’t he understand that if God spoke it, it will be done. We are just like Jacob, we receive a promise from God but we come up on a “no man’s land” situation and fear begin to grip us and our faith begins to shake and shrink to the size of a mustard seed. We can feel in our spirit that the time of fulfillment is upon us but we are afraid to go through what we need to go through to receive the promises of God. For some of you your “no man’s land” maybe sickness, it may a job situation, it maybe a loved one, it maybe pain and and rejection. Whatever your “no man’s land” is God says to tell you that your set time to crossover has come.

2020 is your year to crossover, it is the year of the fulfillment of God’s promise to you. Some of you have been waiting for 20 years to crossover into divine health, prosperity, the presence of God, breakthroughs, generational blessings, and fulfillment of your purpose.

Like Wonder Woman, you know that there is something down on the inside of you strong enough, brave enough and powerful enough to blast through any “no man’s land” but like Jacob you may have to get alone with God and wrestle for the courage to face you fears. If you feel like you can’t face your fears then face your faith in God. Get in a place, a position a posture to seek God’s will for your life. Don’t stop wrestling until He blessed you with enough courage to face the thing that is threatening to destroy your life and family. You may need to dig up those old 20 years old promises and re-examine them because the time to fulfill them has come. The time to cross over your “no man’s land” has come. There is courage available to you through Jesus Christ who has given you the victory over death hell and the grave, He is living on the inside of you and he is fighting for you. If perhaps you are not sure if He is on the inside of you ask him to come in to your heart say,

Lord Jesus, I believe you are the son of God, I believe that you died on the cross for my sins, I believe in your resurrection. Wash me in your blood and cleanse me from all unrighteousness, forgive me of my sins, be my Lord and savior, teach me how to live for you . Amen

If you just prayed that prayer and believe in your heart, you have just been born again and now have on the inside of you the Power that overcomes the world. I encourage you to ask the Lord to help you find the right church to help you learn and grow in your new found faith in Jesus Christ.

If you have been praying and have not been seeing any results, do not give up, there is a set time of favor. Continue to pray but change the way you pray. Identify the thing that is holding you back, is it fear? is it unforgiveness? Is it envy, bitterness, strife? Are you at the right location to crossover? Is it the right time? Where are you? Are you at Laban’s house, place of unfair wages? Are you at Bethel, the place of promise? Are you at Peniel wrestling with God?

If you are unsure ask the Lord to help you find clarity and to give you courage to crossover your no man’s land and possess your promises.

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