Truth In the Dark

The love of God is stronger than wine, sweeter than honey tastes good to the tongue and nourishes the soul. Only those who desire truth in the inward chambers of their hearts will find it.

The kind of truth to be desired in order to taste the love of God is the truth that shines the light of God in the deepest recesses of our minds. This is where the darkest secrets of our hearts lives, you know that place where you bury pain and regret, that place where pride flourishes and bitterness is content, that place that is untouchable by all including yourself, that place that think no one sees or understand, yes that place that keeps you separated from the love of God. The Lord wants to shine the light of his love in that place of your heart.

This kind of light reveals the true condition of your heart and helps us to understand that there is nothing good inside of us but God loves us anyway. This kind of truth creates a desire for us to be change and be transform into a new creation where old things are past away.

This kind of truth is not the feel good truth but the set you free truth.

This kind of truth tells about yourself and what you need to do to be changed. This kind of truth helps you to heal from the pain of darkness and keeps you from perishing because you lack knowledge.

When you know the truth, it will completely set you free. His name Jesus, He is you way out of darkness, truth in your inward parts and life to all who receive him.

I understand that it is sometimes painful to face the truth about ourselves but that’s only way to be free. You cannot keep those things in your heart because God cannot hear your prayers. Those little foxes, yes you guessed it they spoil the vine of your connection with the Lord.

So how do you get rid of them? Ask the Lord to shine the light of his love upon your heart, ask him to forgive you of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness, ask him to come and live in your heart forever. He will will completely set you free and allow you to taste the goodness of his love for you.

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