creator Jeremiah 18-4

Some of us have come to a place in life where we have totally missed the mark. We have missed God’s purpose for our lives. We feel like such a failure, how can God use me to do something? What was my purpose any way? Why on earth am I still here?If you have been struggling with any of the above, I want to speak directly to your souls. God is not finished with you yet,

“Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in the hand of the Lord.”

The Lord is doing a remake in this season of your life, do not abandon the remaking process.

I was praying with a friend and God instructed me to tell her that he is remaking her life. As I prayed for her I saw a vision of  her as a little girl about ten or twelve years old, innocent and carefree skipping along and playing hopscotch. I told her the vision and ask her to go back to that time in her life. I asked her what was in her heart, what was it that she knew she was growing up to be. She said she wanted to be a teacher, this was thing that made her happy, this was what she was created to do but the enemy derailed her life in a significant way and she is very far from being  the teacher that she was meant to be.

As I continued to minister to her I heard the Lord said that he has made her into another kind of teacher, she is to teach, young women how to avoid the pitfalls of life that she endured, teach those who have fallen to get out of the pit. Teach them to live wholesome, healthy, purposeful lives and to make right choices in life. God wants her to use her life lessons to teach others how to live.

Potters hand.


As you read this post, please look back over your life and go back to a time before your life got  this complicated and messy, go back to a time when life was full of endless possibilities. I know for some of you that was a brief moment in time and you may have to dig deep but some of you can instantly go back to the place where everything came crashing down. That’s your place of new beginning, it’s your reset button, it’s your breakthrough place. Some of you are afraid to go back to that place but don’t be  God will meet you there, He is waiting to refresh, revise, edit, and restore you.


As you go back to that place you are going to find the real you, the you that is covered under the debris of life. I see the Lord refreshing your soul, by visiting that place of innocence, that place of identity that place of looking in the mirror, I see you being transformed into that old new you, old because that’s who you was meant to be and new because it has just being revealed to you. You are being re-made into a new kind of teacher like my friend, a new kind of pastor, a new kind of mother, a new kind of lawyer, a new kind of businessman or woman,  a new you…..

The revise edition, the new and updated version of who you are as a core person is available today. Give yourself to that soul searching process of going back to who you were before life got you all messed up. The Lord is willing and ready to make you into a new vessel, are you ready?

If you are please say this short prayer with me.


Please take me back to that place of innocence, that place where I lost my identity and help me to find my purpose.  Lord please take whats left of my life and make it into a new vessel. I believe that I am now on the potter’s wheel, please give me grace and patience to wait for you to reveal the new and latest version of me. 


Do not limit yourself to this post and to this short prayer this is meant to be a teaser to initiate a soul searching change. I am praying with you and for you

Be blessed.

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