The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! The journey began the moment we were born into this world. We all have a God given destiny and purpose for our lives.  My times in life we will make the wrong turns and end up in places that are far from our intended destinations.  Jesus, our good Shepherd have a way of finding us and coming after us.

Purpose chases us down and find us and get us back on track, as I type these words I see pieces of car parts, like a nut, a bolt, a starter etc. I see the mechanic going into the garage and finding the right parts to put into the car. It’s interesting to note that the individual pieces could not function on their own and neither could they get themselves in positions to function. We are those pieces of car parts and Jesus is our Master Mechanic he knows exactly where we fit in the big scheme of Destiny.

Yes it will be a wild ride but the Journey has began and with Jesus we will literally go places that we could only dream of. Embrace the journey, (Process).


I know I am on a journey.

Sometimes I get tired and sometimes I want to quit.

Sometimes I wonder will I ever reach my destination.
Sometimes I stop to get some rest and relaxation.
Sometimes I am tempted to stay in the place that was meant for rest only.
But throughout this Journey my path is directed by my guide.
Not for a moment has He ever left my side.
Like a good shepherd my guide protects and feeds me.
He cares for my wounds and supplies all my needs.
He carries me when I am too weak to continue.
He fights every battle for me and is always victorious.
He picks me up when I fall and when I am lost He finds me.
Lord I am so overwhelmed by your love this morning.

Charmain Jarrett

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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